Hello. Mabuhay. 你好 World!

 Hi I am Chantily Tan, adrenaline fueled Art Director/nerd/warrior/artist and romantic all rolled into one. I foresee myself as an incandescently happy Advertising Jedi Master that will inspire padawans in the creative industry around the world.

Giddy over spaghetti but nothing gives me more joy than a competition. Facing challenges bring out resourcefulness, real creativity and shear guts. Tactical sport shooting sharpened my competitive nature. Spending time on the range taught me when to attack aggressively, cover for a teammate or patiently sneak behind enemy lines. But more so, it taught me to never hesitate and make every shot count.

My life training was harsh but growing up in a tropical country infused a different kind of sunshine in me. Traveling all over also gave me a unique appreciation for life, friendships and being multi-cultural. This balance of sweet and fierce is the brand of chutzpah that is reflected in my illustrations, advertising campaigns and personal projects.